Additional fire mode for ptx C4 - perfect for live shows and SFX

Define and fire cues over sequences - simple, fast and flexible.
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ptx system

The superior firing system.
Scalable, flexible, reliable, precise!

Designed to make visions come true!

The ptx system is the universal solution for any fireworks and multimedia show, SFX and theatrical effects!


The ptx system is a state-of-the-art fireworks firing system that is designed along the requirements of creative directors and pyrotechnicians. It's safe, reliable, highly scalable and yet easy to use.


Combine radio and cable communication as you need it. Use up to 16 radio frequencies simultaniously and unlimited independant cable lines for maximum connectivity.


The ptx system communicates bidirectional to allow you to easily test and query the status of your setup without having anyone on field.

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