All of our controllers feature bi-directional communication allowing you to safely test your whole setup without having somebody out on the field.

ptx C4
The C4 provides bidirectional cable-based and wireless communication at the same time. This controller is great for firework displays, theatrical and special effects.
ptx C3
Just like the C4, the C3 is a fully featured and universal controller. It is programmed via PC software and has a clearly arranged control panel.
ptx Mini
The ptx Mini is both, a simple wireless controller and a radio IC box with 8 outputs in one device. Fantastic for small shows and special effects.


The PTX modules are called IC Boxes and are available as 48 ch., 16 ch., 8 ch. and 4 ch. version allowing you to scale your system to your exact needs and help to keep your fireworks site tidy.

ptx IC48
Built into a rugged peli case, the IC48 is a robust, light and compact cable-based firing module with 48 outputs in one box.
ptx IC48 radio
In comparison to the cable-based IC48, the IC48 Radio features an additional radio module, a high capacity battery and a built-in charger.
ptx IC16
The IC16 box is the standard firing module. Its small size helps to keep your firework setup safe and tidy.
ptx IC16 radio
The IC16 Radio has the same dimensions as the cable-based IC16. It has a built-in radio module and is powered by an external battery pack, that can be mounted to the side of the IC box.
ptx Mini/IC8
The ptx Mini is a controller and an IC box at the same time. As an IC box, it fits almost everywhere and has lots of firing power - even for confetti launchers.
ptx IC4
Not bigger than a cigarette box, the IC4 becomes invisible when mounted to a truss, a motorbike, a costume, etc. It has 4 outputs and can be configured via PC.


The ptx Stagesets - simple, innovative und expandable

ptx Stageset
One ptx Mini as handheld radio transmitter and 2 ptx Radio IC4, each with 4 outputs. Simple in handling and configuration.
ptx Stageset Extension
Extension set for your ptx System with
4 ptx Radio IC4 for 16 more outputs. The Radio IC4 are controllable with all ptx Controllers.


The wide choice of PTX accessories maximizes your flexibility and enables you to optimize your setup to fit any requirement

ptx MFB
The MFB significantly increases your possibilities. It allows to output DMX signals right from your ptx system, has a built-in radio module, a high capacity battery and even more...
ptx RM
The RM can be used as an intelligent bridge between any cable-based and wireless device. It powers up to 30 cable-based IC boxes and can act as a transmitter and a receiver as well.
ptx Audio Player
The audio player allows perfect synchronization of fireworks and music. It plays high quality wave files, can output SMPTE timecode and offers cable-based and wireless communication.
ptx Deadman Switch
This simple switch is a great safety feature allowing you to start a show, fire manual cues or quickly interrupt a show in case of an emergency.
ptx Cable Tester
Fireworks equipment is on the road a lot and is used under rough conditions. This cable tester lets you check all data cables (and many other cable types) fast and simple.
ptx Data Cables
The ptx data cables are UV and water resistant and are available in any length.
ptx Antennas
All our antennas are well tested and optimized for maximium range and connectivity. We also provide low-loss antenna cables and different types of connectors.


A number of software products are available to help you getting the most out of our systems.

ptx Solution Pro
ptx Solution Pro is the overall solution to design and plan a fireworks show.
ptx Audio Player Win-PC
Our new software solution for synchronization of firework and music. Different file formats are supported like mp3, wav, ogg, wma, etc.
ptx IC4 programming kit
The IC4 programming kit includes a programming interface and a software to change the configuration of your IC4.