Service & Support

Shows are getting more complex, schedules are getting tighter, delays become a higher risk. With more than 25 years of experience in the business, we know the pressure a production can bring and how important it is, to be able to quickly react to the unexpected. In addition to the ptx system, PYROTRONIX offers a number of services that allow you to concetrate on your main business and have equipment and specialists available right when you need them.

Equipment Rental

All ptx devices are available from our rental stock, too. If you need additional equipment to accomplish a show or just want to try a system before buying one, contact us to get an offer on whatever you need.

On Location Support

Our well trained, organized and accurate system specialists support you at your production with the same attention to detail, regardless of the size of the show. We respect your individual way to work and integrate in your team environment.

Product Service & Repair

Fireworks equipment is used under rough conditions and has high safety requirements at the same time. Thus, we think, it is important to check and test all devices from time to time. Our all-round repair service cleans, tests, updates and repairs your equipment if needed.